Learn What are the Tips for Choosing Toys for Children

choosing toys that are safe for children is not an easy thing. Because, you don’t only think about the shape and character of the toy, but also the safety of the toy. For this reason, many parents end up buying toys for their children at toys wholesale. That way, they will find the right toys and their children.

Actually, there are some tips that can be used by parents to be able to choose and buy the right toys for their children. Some tips for choosing toys that are safe for children are

1. Each part of the toy is not easy to open
Browse all parts of the toy from the buttons until maybe the ribbon parts are easily pulled. If the baby’s toys also have a battery box, you should first make sure the battery box will not be easily opened by your baby. The opening of this battery box can be dangerous for your baby.

2. Is the toy big enough
Baby toys with a size that is large enough to be able to prevent the occurrence of choking on your baby or blockage in the respiratory tract. This toy must be 3 cm in width and at least 6 cm in length.
You should also avoid toys that include balls and coins in the series. Baby toys like this are generally only 4 cm in diameter, so they fit through your baby’s respiratory tract.

3. Note the diameter of the toy
Reduce the possibility of children choking by avoiding giving toys that are smaller than 4.5cm in diameter for babies and toddlers. General rule: Any object that can fit into a roll of bathroom tissue has the potential to choke on a child and must be kept away from it.

4. The safety of the toy
Is the toy safe
Using toys that are derived from your family or relatives, in this case, it might be safer than buying a new toy. As long as the lowered toy is not made for too long a year, the coloring may be exfoliated.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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