Master Some Of There Types Of Kicks In Taekwondo

Those who study taekwondo must certainly be proficient in doing kicks and various other moves in the martial arts. If you want to learn taekwondo too, then you have to learn it in the right place. You can visit to get the right training. You also have to learn it with a professional instructor.

In taekwondo, there are several types of kicks that must be learned, especially for beginners. Some types of kicks that you have to learn well in Taekwondo martial arts are

1. Ap Chagi
Kick to the front, using the front end of the foot. The target of this type of kick is the head. You can do this movement by positioning your body properly to do the front kick (Ap-Chagi). The target of the front kick is in front of you. The target must be “as far as the foot” of your body so that the kick is effective. In some cases, you can jump slightly forward or backward to make sure the kick is on target. If so, make sure there is enough space around you to complete the front kick

2. Deol Chagi
Kick hoes forward using the heel by lifting the leg as high as it is and throwing it as if it were a hoeing motion. The target of this type of kick is the head.

3. Dwi Chagi
Kick to the back, rotating the body 90 degrees towards the back, then lifting the knee then jerking towards the opponent. Target towards the stomach or towards the head. to reach the correct position, you must turn your back on your opponent. If your training partner is behind you, this is the ideal move or if you want to surprise him, you can turn his back on him. Don’t let the target be right behind you. You need to stretch your legs as much as possible for this kick. Therefore, make sure you can do this kick with both feet.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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