Mistakes of Promotion To Avoid

Businesses (small scale) often fail because of wrong promotion, or at least not paying attention to the importance of promotion. To minimize or even prevent making the mistakes that can ruin your business, call Lesesne Industries. In general, there are some errors in the promotion. Business people need to pay special attention. Here are:

1. Less Understanding the Importance of Promotion

Businesses (small) generally still consider the promotion as a burden burdening the financial. In fact, the power of business is a good promotion, because it is impossible for customers to know the product if not promote.

Identify the target market you want to target, then plan a promise tailored to that segment.

2. Not Branding

Not a few numbers of businessmen who neglect to give the product brand so it has no differentiator compared with other products.

A brand is not just a brand and logo but a value that can be accepted by consumers. Convey that value consistently so that whenever they want to buy a product/service, what they remember is your brand.

3. Less Effective Promotion Media

The promotional media used does not effectively touch the market. All promotional media have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choose the media that can bring your product closer to the consumer.

4. Less Creative Designing Promotions

Promoted by simply highlighting the excess of the product is said to be out of date. Create different, unique, and creative promotional activities. Fulfill their desires. Satisfied customers will volunteer to become agents promoting your product. Expand promotions through advertising publications, in addition to cheaper is also more effective.

5. Not Learning From Mistakes

Never do evaluation and measurement so do not know mistake done. Evaluate promotional strategies and campaign media used in a particular timeframe. Effective measures of promotion can be by distributing questionnaires to consumers from which they know your product.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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