Mistakes While Selling on Instagram

No one ever wants a failure in business. However, so frightening not a few people who actually just have to accept what they fear it. In fact, opportunities for business never die. Moreover, this time there is an online selling trend, either by using the site or using a social media account such as instagram. Unfortunately, having merchandise as well as social media accounts alone is not enough. There must be other capital that can further strengthen your business to be stronger than the various exposure to competition. And you can learn from others who have experienced failures in business or those who succeed instantly.

Here are some mistakes you may have made while selling on Instagram:

– Not Consistent in Product Marketing

A very powerful social media account is empowered to promote the product. According to the Dagelan team, you should be more consistent for posting on social media (medsos). For example, if you have targeted post 2 times a day, then it should be consistent to do so. In addition, other inconsistencies are also a big influence. For example you can not be consistent in supply chain management or procurement management so there are many opportunities lost. Of course this should be prevented immediately by looking back on the sales track record early on. You will be easier to plan and estimate.

– Improper Customer Relationship Management

Sometimes there is a story that online shop shop more fierce than the buy. Though chatting is the best form of costumer touch point effort, this is where the seller can peddle his goods with the maximum to prospective buyers. The analogy, if the first fierce when meeting the first person, surely they will choose to escape.

– Experience Teaches Many things

Sometimes mistakes can teach many things. The key is to be able to immediately find the answer of the error so that it can keep developing the business little by little. Experience is the best teacher.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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