Not Cleaning Home Regularly Can Cause Some Health Issues

Clean is healthy and you know it. So, why do you still have the reason to not keep your home and surroundings clean? Do you often to feel tired after cleaning a home? Or you may worry about getting pain that takes time for the relief and healing? Now, it is all not the reason anymore since Planet Maids provide the best home cleaning and maid service. Out there, you can find the maid companies that offer affordable service, which means you can enjoy the clean home without spending too much money.

Why having a clean home is a must? You surely know that keeping a home clean could provide so many advantages. Otherwise, here are some health problems that may come with the un-maintained and not clean home.

– Heart attack

Heart attacks or strokes are the most deadly diseases and occur when blood flow passes through a blocked part of the heart muscle. If not immediately given the action, part of the heart is oxygen deprived and become damaged then cause death. Heart attacks become the number one killer, especially in developed countries. Heart attacks most commonly result from Coronary Heart Disease, this disease occurs because there is fat accumulation for years on the inner wall of the coronary arteries.

– Cancer

Cancer is a disease caused by the unusual growth of body cells and the cause of death. The cell develops rapidly, continuously divides, uncontrollably and then spreads to surrounding tissues through connective tissue, blood circulation or the spleen system. Cancer then attacks the important organs, spinal cord and suppress the body tissue, this is called the malignant tumor.

For your additional information, some people are too sensitive to the dust and dirt which stick in the certain or almost all home areas. If you have family members with asthma, you must clean the home regularly without any exception and reason to skip home cleaning.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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