Predicted Advanced Technologies in the Future

Technology is unpredictable. Over time, technology is increasingly growing. If you have time to think, you can wonder what will happen in the future. Like you are today, maybe if the person who lived 1000 years ago, he or she will be so fascinated to see all of the technologies you and other people widely use today. You may also be fascinated if you are able to go the future 1000 years from now as you see the technologies will also be much different from the ones that you are using at the moment. The following are some technologies that are predicted to become the most advanced in the world:

– Nanotechnology: Atomic Smart Machines

Nanotechnology is a future technology that allows humans to manipulate super tiny particles that are nearly atomic in size Nanometer itself is the size of 1 / a billion meters, or barely the thickness of the hair split 50,000. That is the awesomeness of nanotechnology

The goal is to create new materials of the future, even machines and robots the size of a particle. The materials will be stronger than diamonds, super-light, heat and cold resistant to extreme scale, capable of conducting better electricity, more durable, environmentally friendly and so on. The possibility of the application is really awesome and will change the whole world.

– Genetic Engineering: The Era of Super Men

Humans have successfully mapped their genes in a gigantic project. With this data, humans have a map of information to explore the function and potential of each gene in the human body. Starting from the genes that determine the physical form of humans, cancer-causing genes, the genes that make up memories, the genes that create intelligence, even the specific genes that regulate the aging process.

This will enable genetic engineering to create excellent future humans. Humans will be able to have perfect health, be free from illness, be over 100 years old and have genius approaching intelligence.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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