The pros and cons of VIP seats

Whenever you’re watching a sports game or a show, you can be certain that watching it with many people around you can set the mood greatly. However, if you want to try a different kind of experience in watching a show or a game, you may try the VIP seats for once in while. It’s true that for the wealthy people, VIP seats are just ordinary seats for them. Nevertheless, for the most people out there, VIP seats can be very special and it may also even be once in a lifetime experience. Unfortunately, even the most expensive VIP seats may not be perfect at all, it’s because of these fancy seats bring their own pros and cons. You might also visit to buy tickets for your favorite shows or sports matches.

The pros of VIP seats

Better view, better couch or chair, better services, better facilities, and many better things. These high-level conveniences can be felt when you’ve bought yourself a VIP ticket or higher. Yes, they are expensive for most people, but then again, you will be treated like a king until the end of the show or the match. Sometimes these tickets may also come with souvenirs, bundled packages, or also with the backstage access.

The cons of VIP seats

Not many people are capable of buying such luxuries. So if your friends are not in the same level of the economic situation as you are when you buy the ticket for your VIP seat, you will likely find yourself sitting alone or with a few strangers during the game or the show. The atmosphere can be less inviting for you to scream or sing along during the event, so that’s why some people may intentionally choose the standard seats despite the fact that they may be able to afford to buy the VIP tickets or highers, for the sake of feeling the energy and the mood of the event.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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