Reasons Why You Learn English Is Beneficial For You

When you are still a child, you will ask, why should it be English? Why does everyone have to learn English? Questions like this seem to have become common among the public. Although many do not understand why it must be English. The answer is because English can increase the potential for employment opportunities In the world of work, it does not always make English their qualifications, but most of them will follow international standards, especially if the company has a goal to develop their company to advance to the international world. They will need employees who can speak English as a universal language. The company will provide more opportunities for those of you who have English language skills. Therefore, it’s time for you to learn English well so that you can be accepted to work in the company you want, one way to find out how far you are in English, you can do b1 test bookings at several English language courses.

How can English improve your career?

When studying language skills or known as linguistics, the brain will work actively. Even according to existing research, electrical activity in a person’s brain can be increased by learning foreign languages. So not only for the physical, the brain’s ability must be routinely trained in language mastery. Learning English is proven to be able to improve the ability of the brain and help you to stabilize the brain’s performance in learning many things.

By mastering English, you also no longer need to be afraid, especially anxious when traveling abroad. English is a language that is very commonly used in all tourist attractions, almost part of the world uses English. Even though you visit a country that doesn’t use English, but often there are some people who can use English because it is easy to say. You can also get wider access by using English such as bidding prices when shopping abroad or when you attend several important seminars abroad.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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