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Keeping the house clean is very important because if there are not many bacteria and germs read more here. The bathroom is an important part of the house, and if we need to use it as soon as possible, Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches can help us. There are a number of things we must pay attention to when cleaning the bathroom. Sticky is a nagging thing and we often find it on tiles. Here are some ways to remove sticky tiles.

Use hot water to remove stickiness on the tiles
This method is the simplest way and does not require special steps to do it. You just need to prepare hot water and pour it on the tile that feels still sticky after on the cloth. Then let stand for a while until the floor cools and then wipe the floor again with a clean cloth. Hot water serves to erode and soften the dirt that sticks to the floor.

Soda water
Have you ever known that soda water has a high acid content to lift dirt on the floor? This has often been said in several reviewers/bloggers who provide information about homes, and tips on cleaning tips. The way to apply it is also quite easy, you just pour the soda water into the sticky and dirty floor and leave it for a few minutes. Wait until it seeps in perfectly and then rub it slowly, if necessary use a mop to make the floor cleaner and maximum.

Vinegar and water solution
This last method is indeed quite complicated, because before you have to prepare a mixture of these two ingredients, namely water, and vinegar. You have to mix vinegar with water with a ratio of 2: 1 which means 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and 1 cup 200ml of water. After the ingredients are mixed, then take the cloth to rinse the cloth with this vinegar mixture and then rub the sticky part using the cloth. Then wipe back your floor to remove the odor from the rest of the vinegar.

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Author: Richard T. Starkey

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