A short explanation about copyrights

Copyright is an intellectual property in the field of science, art, and literature which is one of its goals to support the development and improve the welfare. Because of the importance of this copyright, the Legal Tips will outline the jurisdiction of the copyright ownership. Furthermore, in connection with that, Indonesia has become a member of various international agreements in the field of copyright and related rights. So the Government implements the importance of copyrights in a jurisdiction to the copyright law. With the aim that the national creators and creators are able to compete internationally. So that’s why if you really wish to protect your copyrights, perhaps hiring the finest Fort Wayne Patent Attorney can be a good idea.

Copyright is the exclusive right of the authors that arise automatically on the basis of the declarative principle, once a work is manifested in its tangible form without prejudice to restrictions in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations. Broadly speaking, the law regulates the Copyright and Related Rights.

The moral right is an inherent right of the creator to remain on or not to mention his name in relation to the use of his creation to the public, or to use his alias or pseudonym, to alter his creations in accordance with propriety in society, to alter the title and title of creation and to defend his right in things have been distorted, mutilated, modified, or otherwise harmful to their honor or reputation.

In addition, the above regulation also regulates the loss of legal force from the recording of the creation and related rights products. It can happen because the request of the person or legal entity whose name is listed as the creator, the copyright holder or the rights owner concerned. It can also happen due to the expiry of the time, or due to court decisions that have obtained permanent legal force due to a violation of religious norms, norms of morals, public order, defense, and state security.

Thus, the importance of a copyright other than as a creative work can also play a role in supporting the economy, culture, local wisdom and increase the passion of the creators to create quality work.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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