Some ideas for a coffee shop interior design

If you often see the concept of the coffee shop interior in most developed countries, although with a small space but the interior they apply is very appropriate and not too excessive. In fact, coffee shops with small rooms were busy customers enjoy coffee there, the article of their coffee drinking habits are different from coffee lovers in Asia. However, there is no harm in listening to the concept of an interior coffee shop that they apply. Meanwhile, you may need to visit if you’re looking for the excellent coffee shop equipment online.

Parking Bar

The most obvious from the concept of this coffee shop is the bar table contained in the van. The van, transformed into a bar table, turned out to be very interesting and again with the addition of grass, and many plants added a cozy impression like enjoying coffee in the garden.

Japanese Small Coffee Shop

Most coffee shops in the country of Japan are simple in style with less space. And even, usually only 1 table available for visitors who want to drink in coffee shops. The concept of a coffee shop like this, generally for connoisseurs take away coffee does not drink coffee on the spot. But interesting also if applied to our coffee shop.

Coffee Shop with Brick Wall

Some old buildings, sometimes using thick brick walls, why not used as an interior. It would look attractive, thick walls are used as a coffee shop with some other interior knick-knacks.

Modern White Coffee Shop

If you like the simple thing, this concept would be very suitable for you. No need too much color, just use white color only and with interior trinkets such as soft colored lights will be more balanced with white walls.

Wooden Coffee Shop

Choosing the concept of a nuanced coffee shop seems quite interesting, whether it’s a bar table made of wood or other elements made of wood. This will add a pleasant feeling when enjoying coffee.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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