Spinal problem will make you suffer even more so try contact bethesda chiropractor for right theraphy

Back pain is pain that comes from anywhere along the spine. All tension or discomfort along the spine is referred to as back pain or Dorsalgia in bethesda chiropractor medical terms. The back is a pain that occurs along the lower back and should not be confused with pain in the legs. Low back pain is a very common problem because most people suffer from it. Although this is not a specific disease, it is a combination of a number of underlying conditions. But the most common site for back pain is in the area of ??wood, which is the lower back area. It is common in this area because this is an area that carries the most weight and experiences maximum movement.

This type of pain depends on the patient’s condition. The severity of pain also depends on the same. Whatever may be the cause of illness, symptoms are more or less similar. Pain can explode suddenly or can occur gradually. In bethesda chiropractor explained that symptoms of back pain are that the pain may move to the front, back or side of the leg but is mostly confined to the pelvic area or the Lumbosacral region. Pain may or may not spread throughout the legs. Pain can increase for the most part if sitting upright for hours like on a trip or maybe getting worse at night. Pain gets increased during activities and movements. Feelings of numbness and weakness in the limbs are another sign. This is because the part of the nerve in the leg receives the blood supply from the compressed nerve. This can cause inability to flex the legs or even stand on the toes.

When the pain reaches an intense level it only lasts for a short period of time like almost a few days or weeks. Lower back pain that persists for a long period of time like three months is called chronic by bethesda chiropractor doctor. If the source of pain is some damage or injury then it usually stays confined to the back and may get worse while bending forward, backward or laterally. Pain due to nerve compression caused by a herniated disc can only be felt on the hip causing a tingling sensation in the area. The pain gets worse when coughing or sneezing. Just standing for hours can also increase pain.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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