Testosterone, Important Hormone That Measures You Must Always Keep

As a hormone that is very important for men, testosterone should be kept in order not to deficiency or even excess hormone. Excess or deficiency of the hormone will cause something bad on one’s body. In fact, there are some who think that testosterone boosts causing erectile dysfunction. This is not excessive because the increase in hormones is too drastic is not something good.

This hormone will indeed grow rapidly when you are in the puberty stage that is usually experienced at the age of 20 years and over. However, as you get older, then the hormone is also reduced.

Some people will recommend to monitor the hormone levels once in five years and begin since men are 35 years old. If you are known to have too few hormone levels, or if you have the testosterone hormone that too low, then you will be better to come to the hormone therapies. In this therapy, your therapist will keep the levels of the hormone testosterone to see that hormone. Because if that hormone is too high so it is not good for your body. however, this therapy cannot be lived by all men. for those suffering fromall the kind of cancer, kidney disease. The liver or the cough is not recommended for this therapy because it can increase the risk of complications against the disease.

So, what you can do is live a good diet and healthy life habits and avoid consuming drinks that contain alcohol excessively. You are beginning to think positively about all the events you experienced in your life and are accustomed to managing stress and depression well. Do not forget to check your testosterone levels if you encounter some symptoms that include physical changes, such as hair loss in the body, fragile bones, reduced muscle mass, increased fatigue, swelling of the breast glands and an impact on your cholesterol metabolism and you can feel.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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