The Best Leather Tote – Fossil Sydney Tote

Fossil is a well-known brand. They have Sydney Tote. Their leather tote becomes one of the best leather totes. Sydney tote is also known as the best all-around value leather tote. Sydney tote is made out of high-quality top grain leather or also called luxe leather. Top grain leather has a softer and more flexible texture. It also lighter so, luxe leather is more comfortable to use. Luxe leather is included in the middle grade of leathers.

This best leather tote is 13x12x5inch. This leather tote is a magnet clip top tote. This tote provides a small compartment on the outside that can fit cell phones or others small stuff and also provides a few compartments on the inside. But, this leather tote can carry our belongings in a much amount. Unfortunately, they only offer three different colors. That condition makes the buyers don’t have many choices.

This best all-around value leather tote priced around above $100. This leather tote quite expensive because they use high-quality luxe leather. Their cotton lining is also softer and durable. This leather tote has a simple, yet so elegant design. They also have a decoration such as Fossil’s logo on the outside. Fossil also put their name on top of their tote on the outside. This best leather tote also has a nice flat bottom and metal protective feet so it can hold its upright structure.

Actually, $100 for a simple leather tote is quite expensive. But as we all know, Fossil is a brand that carries prestige and their name so, they will offer an expensive price. This best leather tote also quite small for some people. This tote only can carry a small laptop or a tablet and some other small stuff such as wallet, cell phones and many more.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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