The Best Way To Respond To Customer Complaints

More than 85% of customers think that companies must respond to emails within 1 hour, according to some surveys, there are 42% of customers thinking that they will get a quick response within 1 hour on social media call center tijuana. Many complaints from customers that can not be resolved in less than 60 minutes, but they can be resolved. If you need several days to investigate the customer’s complaint, tell the customer right then and not after a few days of complaints. At the call center tijuana, we answer customers’ complaints in the right way as soon as possible because all our experts have experience.

Your failure to respond will cause customers to believe that you are not the best at the call center. You will worsen the situation if you do not care about customer complaints.

If you can’t respond quickly, just consider using automatic responses. Web forms such as “contact us” can trigger an e-mail that will inform the customer that you will be back as soon as possible. Even though the email cannot resolve the complaint, it can convince the customer that the complaint message they sent has not disappeared or sunk.

Listen and apologize
Listen to their experiences as a whole, step two: apologize. Conversations like this usually occur by telephone or face to face, but that doesn’t mean comments made via Facebook are ignored.

You don’t need to plead guilty to every mistake or complaint submitted by a customer, but you need to consider the customer’s point of view, listen to them without interrupting them. Make sure that you understand why the customer is disappointed, even though you actually don’t agree with them. Maybe, you don’t feel sorry about customers who don’t like the product, but you can apologize to them because the customer has had a disappointing experience.

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Author: Richard T. Starkey

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