The danger of drunk driving

When driving, the human brain must respond quickly to various things, such as changes in traffic lights, honking, uneven roads, or pedestrians and other vehicles that pass unexpectedly. Alcohol can decrease the function of the central nervous system, thus affecting the ability of the brain to focus and make decisions quickly. This can be dangerous, and you might also have to hire the recommended drunk driving attorney Detroit if you’ve got yourself dragged into the court because of this problem.

Drivers who are under the influence of liquor often become unaware, so do not realize how fast the vehicle drove. Also make the vehicle users forget whether to have used a safety device, such as installing a seat belt or wearing a helmet. Decreased visual acuity due to alcohol also increases the risk of accidents.

There’s more to the effect of liquor when you drive, ie to be sleepy. Of course, sleepiness will make you become less focused when driving and potentially cause an accident. Plus, the effects of liquor make a blurry vision. This condition further indicates how dangerous driving under the influence of liquor.

There is no right alcoholic dosage or may be consumed if afterward, you will drive. Your condition after consuming alcohol can also vary, it could be even worse. It all depends on the age, weight, stress level, food, and type of alcohol just consumed.

Do not Impose Yourself for Driving
The adverse effects of driving while under the influence of alcohol are fatal. Already many people who crash and even died due to force themselves to drive after drinking alcohol. Many also become dealing with the law because it makes others victims.

If you are forced to drive or drive after consuming alcohol, wait until the alcohol effect is completely lost. As an illustration, if you consume alcohol at lunchtime, then the effects of alcohol may begin to disappear at night.

Conversely, if you consume alcohol at night, bear yourself from driving the car until the next morning. Because, after the morning of the possibility of alcohol effects are gone. Reducing the amount of liquor consumed is also not the solution. If you intend to drive, you should avoid consuming alcoholic beverages at all.

Richard T. Starkey

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