The Difference Between MLM and Money Game

Multilevel marketing (MLM) business that recently started to mushroom is still gray for the community. Many of the pros and cons of businesses that rely on sales through the tiered marketing system. Many of us assume that MLM business is the same as Money Game. Though both are clearly different. You can visit our website and learn more by reading the wealth network reviews.

MLM is an extension of Multi-Level Marketing which is a marketing strategy where salespeople not only get compensated for their sales, but also for other sales they recruit. The recruited salesperson is known as a “downline” member.

While Money Game is an activity of public fund or multiplication of money by the practice of giving commission, margin or profit with a certain amount to investors or the results of the registration of business partners who joined later and not from the results of selling the product. Items sold only as camouflage or do not have the quality and volume that can be accounted for.

Here are some other differences between MLM and Money Game:

1. Membership Registration Fee

– MLM: The member registration fee in the MLM business is relatively light as it is only to reimburse administrative costs, such as starter kits, catalogs, product samples, etc.

– MG: Membership registration fee is usually large. Why is that? Because they do not have products or products that are sold are actually low quality or hard to sell on the market. So the upline or sponsors will get a profit directly from the huge registration fee. When you are offered money game you must have heard, “If you get a downline, then you will automatically get some money from the registration of the person.”

2. Products

– MLM: Products sold clear and guaranteed by the company, easy to sell on the market because the price is rational and quality guaranteed, although not having a downline, members can still run a business by selling products, companies benefit from product sales, not from member registration fees.

– MG: Often MG has no real product or if there is a product is not the main thing, usually the product is hard to sell because of its poor quality or the price is not rational.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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