The easy ways for making visitors come to your booth

Attracting visitors to your exhibit booth is not something easy. The exhibition that has many visitors is not necessarily the average to visit all the booths that fill the event. In fact, not infrequently if we happen to come as a visitor to the exhibition, there are always booths that deserted visitors despite the exhibition venue full of people. One of the things you can do is order an exhibition booth from the maker and designer booth to create a display booth that suits your brand and your budget. Despite deciding to booth messages from professional services, you should also know how to attract visitors to your exhibit booth more. Aside from adding a fine and attractive Inflatable arch, we’d like to share some other tips with you.

Create a unique booth design

How to attract visitors to your exhibition booth is to create a unique booth design, meaning different from others and have a more appropriate advantage compared to other participants booth. With a unique and different design, the first impression for visitors to the exhibition is the curiosity that makes them wonder what brand makes the booth as attractive as that? Creating a unique booth is an investment that is not cheap with the purpose of how to attract visitors. Take into account your budget and convey the shadow of the design booth you want to the service booth maker.

Prepare interesting attractions

For how to attract visitors to the exhibition booth is not enough just to showcase the product display or decorate your booth with SPG / SPB beautiful and handsome. Make exciting interactions with visitors such as holding mini-games with certain item prizes, or holding special promos for new products that are being campaigned. This is suitable for the main purpose of increasing brand awareness rather than increasing sales.

Complete with technology

Currently, the use of various technologies is used to facilitate the booth in providing education to visitors, featuring a variety of campaigns and also testimonials, as well as interactive technologies that make visitors feel at ease exploring your booth. Commonly used technologies such as touch screen panel, LCD screen, and even proximity marketing where visitors who are near the booth will get a short message in the form of an invitation to stop at the booth.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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