The Features Of Customized Wheelchair

Wheelchairs generally only offer features that are lightweight, strong and inexpensive. How’s what about the quality? Wheelchair users, especially active wheelchair users, will use a wheelchair for a long time. You now can go shop around to find wheelchair rental near me that will fit your needs.

For many people who use a wheelchair, the most important feature is the comfort matter. How can this comfort be obtained? Only through adaptive wheelchairs that can be a custom solution!

Well, another important thing you should know is each component of a wheelchair is adjusted to the posture of a wheelchair user. If you don’t know what you can custom, go to continue reading this article.

1. Seat width

The width of the wheelchair can be adjusted to the width of the user’s hip so that the user does not feel cramped or oversized, this results in a comfortable wheelchair for the user.

2. Dept seat

The depth of the wheelchair part of the position behind the user’s knee, so that the lower spine area that the user can adjust so that he or she can sit in the right position for him.

3. Front seat height

Everyone can adjust the height of the front seat in such a way according to the user’s posture/length.

4. Rear seat height

The simple way to adjust the height of the rear seat is by selecting the rear wheel diameter.

5. Seat cushion

Upholstery or wheelchair pads are able to select come with the selection of options of the following sizes with features such as foam, foam with gel, or equipped with air available to bring a comfortable wheelchair for the user.

6. Backrest Height

The height of the backrest is able to choose so the users can be more comfortable when leaning in a wheelchair to the ideal height desired.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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