The Roles Of Lawyers: What Do You Need To Know?

The role of a lawyer is in every process in the criminal justice system. Well, the role of a legal advisor has been around since the investigation process up to the rehabilitation process in the prison. The lawyers as legal advisors play a role in ensuring that the rights of a suspect, defendant and convict are not violated. The lawyers act as a counterweight to the forced efforts given by the law to law enforcement. This lawyer’s role is important. The absence of a legal advisor in the criminal justice process allows for violations that affect the outcome of court decisions. Therefore, a legal adviser not only needs to be present but also must have the competence to properly defend the rights of suspects, defendants, and convicts. Do you have a plan to benefit from the presence of bruno calfat advogados? Perhaps, you ever worked with him before to win your case, does this sound to be true?

Well, a lawyer who is a free and independent law enforcer. What is meant by a status lawyer as a law enforcer is a lawyer as one of the tools in the justice process which has an equal position with other law enforcers in upholding law and justice? Equality of lawyer status with other law enforcement officers such as the police, prosecutors and judges because in carrying out their duties lawyers obey and obey the law and legislation. However, this is still an issue because of the uncertainty of other regulations. The absence of harmonization with other laws is also a problem.

In the end, even though the position of the lawyers is still debated or not in the criminal justice system, the role of the lawyer is very important in every stage of the judicial process because the lawyer is a balancing tool and an institution that guarantees the rights of suspects, defendants and convicts to so that a fair trial can be carried out.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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