The salad is Not Only Delicious But Also Provides Many Benefits For the Body

The salad is a type of food that is very practical but has many benefits. This food is made by mixing various types of fruits and vegetables (which are partly in raw condition) and adding spices or sauces to add variety to the taste. Eating raw vegetables and fruits will provide optimal benefits. Now salad is an alternative brunch menu that is consumed by many people. Moreover, those who are on a diet, then vegetable salad is a solution to stay full without consuming too many calories.

Besides being healthy for the diet, here are the benefits of regular salad consumption:

– Increase metabolism
Vegetables in vegetable salads that are rich in fiber are also very good for increasing the body’s metabolism so that the burning of calories in the body becomes optimal. This makes the body more energetic and fit and avoids the accumulation of calories in the body.

– Prevents inflammation
Inflammation is normal and natural as a form of the immune system’s reaction to the dangers that attack. Like the onset of pain or reddened skin. But if inflammation occurs excessively it will be very dangerous and can damage the body. Eating various types of green vegetables in vegetable salads can help overcome inflammation.

– Maintain eye health
Vegetables such as carrots, spinach, green cabbage which are served in vegetable salads contain lots of vitamin A. So for those of you who have problems with eye health, these vegetable salads can make your eyes healthier.

– The salad is safe for the stomach
In addition to the intestines of other digestive organs that also play an important role in the smooth process of digestion is the stomach. By diligently eating a vegetable salad containing a variety of vegetables will make your stomach healthier and avoid ulcer disease.

– Maintain a healthy oral cavity
Eating vegetable salads is also very good for the health of the oral cavity. The content of various vitamins in vegetables can support oral health. For example, much vitamin C is found in peppers and broccoli which is very good for gum health.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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