The signs of pure, genuine honey

Honey is a liquid that resembles syrup and is produced from the nectar of flowers processed by bees. Sweet taste in honey comes from the glucose substances contained in it. Honey has remarkable natural properties, for beauty, for example, honey is a natural ingredient of facial skin care and can make the lips more moist and red color blush. To distinguish the original honey and honey that has been mixed with other materials (fake) how easy it is. The original honey marks are so obvious that you will not be gullible however, you have to be a little careful and do a simple test. Meanwhile, you may want to check out the best manuka honey brand review as well.

This is the Characteristic of Honey that is still original and pure

There is no precipitate (froth) on the bottle

Notice the bottom of the storage bottle, the original honey does not have white sludge or froth on the bottom of the honey storage bottle. If there is foam on a bottle of honey then the honey is too long left in an open container and has undergone a process of fermentation.

Drops of honey unbroken

Dip the object into a honey jar and then pick it up. Pure honey will drip uninterruptedly and if the droplets of honey falter, that’s a sign of fake honey.

Not translucent paper

Characteristic of the original honey is thick and has little water content. Put a little on paper thin, if the honey is still pure then it will not penetrate the paper.

It gets bubbly if it’s heated

The original honey will produce air bubbles if heated. In contrast to the sugar that will produce foam like boiling water.

It does not dry out

Apply a little in the palm of the hand then dry in the sun for a while. Pure honey will not dry out while fake honey will form a layer of sugar crust that sticks to the hand.

Honeycomb shaped

Pour the honey into a clean plate and add enough water. Shake the plate until honey and water mixed, if the honey is still original it will form a honeycomb.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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