The Truth About The Rainbow-Colored Roses

Roses are a type of classic flower that is timeless. However, make no mistake, there is one latest color variant that has recently become a trend. Yes, especially if it’s not rainbow roses. Of course, rainbow roses are different from one-color roses such as red roses, pink roses, and yellow roses. It is actually quite rare. That’s why you may haven’t seen any rainbow rose in your nearby flower shops. And maybe the following question also arises in all of our minds: “Are the rainbow roses genuine or artificial?”

The truth about their colors

The rainbow roses that we see and sell at flower shops are modified flowers. In other words, the colors of the rainbow roses are artificial colors.

You may find it difficult if you want to get genuine rainbow roses because it’s quite rare. However, if you really want it, you can think of planting it yourself because rainbow rose seeds can be found in several offline and online stores.

In addition, rainbow rose colors can also be made with colored water. The way to make rainbow colors on these roses is to divide the stems which are then given colors one by one so as to produce a variety of colors, such as having a rainbow effect. The roses used for coloring are usually white roses, pale yellow, or pink.

What is the technique of coloring rainbow roses?

The coloring technique is to mix food coloring chemical into a quarter of a glass of water. The more food coloring is given, the more color it will produce so that it will look like a genuine rainbow rose.

The next step, soak the stem of the rose that has been cut open by the stem. To get more beautiful results and more visible colors, you should leave them submerged for about one week.

The longer the flower stem is soaked in food coloring, the more absorbed the dye will be by the stem of the rose. The colored water is delivered through parts of the flower and flows to the flower petals so that the part of the petals is colored.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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