There Are Some Mistakes In The Use Of A Kitchen Knife That People Are Really Unaware Of

Knives are a must have in every home because it is an important item in cooking activities. No wonder, if many people finally use professional chef knives in order to get comfortable while cooking and can make their cooking activities run quickly and smoothly.

Unfortunately, as an important item, many people do not know how to care and use the knife in the right way. There are some mistakes someone makes in using a knife but very rarely realized by them. Some of these mistakes are

1. Cutting Food The Wrong Way
For some people, cutting food can be done according to their taste and their ability. However, it turns out, cutting the wrong way will make the blade becomes dull and not sharp anymore. In addition, cutting in the wrong way can also make the cut food to be unattractive for consumption. So make sure to always cut the food properly.

2. Forget the Knife Sharpness
When wearing a knife, not a few people who forget the sharpness of the knife. whereas, as it is known that if the blade is used continuously it will make the blade becomes dull and can not be used again. Many assume that a person’s big mistake when wearing a knife is that he never noticed the sharpness of the knife. when the knife used is not sharp enough, the food made can be unattractive.

3. Not Holding The Knife Handle Properly
The last common mistake in those who use the knife is not to properly blade the knife. Because of this error is not uncommon for people who suffered injuries on his fingers, due to knife slicing. In fact, cut food will have a form that is not tidy and less attractive to eat. So, in order to maintain the safety and deliciousness of the food you consume, make sure that you hold the handle of the knife properly.

In addition to the three errors of the three errors, you should also avoid using a kitchen knife that does not fit the food you want to cut.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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