These 4 Things Make Your AC Lacks Freon

Sometimes the AC doesn’t work properly because there are components that don’t work, one of which is freon. AC that lacks Freon will definitely make the circulating air temperature no longer feel cold read here. Furthermore, if you want to replace your freon-wasting air conditioner with the new one, you may call the aircon installation singapore to help you install your new AC quickly and safely.

These are 4 things that cause an AC lacks freon:

1, The evaporator in the indoor unit has a leak

AC specialists say that one of the causes of AC freon is less is the presence of leaks in the evaporator. One of the things that cause the evaporator to leak is the evaporator is not suitable for use and rust. Another feature that indicates leakage to the evaporator is that if touched, oil and oil will appear around the evaporator. The initial step for repair is usually by welding at the point of leakage.

2. Leaks in outdoor unit condensers

Like the evaporator in the indoor unit, the outdoor unit on the air conditioner can also leak normally on the pipe condenser. Leakage on this component is one of the causes of AC shortages of freon. Characteristics and leaks usually occur in parts of the pipe that are slightly oily. In AC retailers usually recommend welding to the leaky condenser pipe.

3. Leaks in AC pipes

Leaks that occur in parts of the AC pipe are usually caused because the pipe has been used for a long time and is no longer feasible to use. The characteristics of a leaky AC pipe are that the pipe has black spots and feels oily. The process of handling leaking pipes is usually done by replacing the pipe. Pipe welding by means of connection is not recommended, it is better if we do welding without connecting.

4. The Leaking neuple of pipe connections

Leaks in this section usually occur due to improper installation, which results in the development of broken pipes or broken neuples. If the neuple is broken it is better to replace it with a new one. If it’s only loose, it’s better to call the AC Contractor to make repairs. But make sure the technician we call has the skill and understands the problems with our AC in order to fix it.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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