These Are Some Types of Fur Carpets You Can Use

For those of you who often use carpets at home, of course already familiar with various types of carpet that can be used. One type of carpet that is often used is fur rugs. However, it turns out that fur rugs also have several other types that you can use. Whatever type you choose, make sure you clean the fur carpet regularly. Use tile cleaning sydney for maximum cleaning

For those who are still confused, what type of fur carpet to use, below will explain some types of fur carpets that might be your reference.

1. Fur Wool Carpet
This material is made of 100% genuine fleece which is usually done by hand or handmade, including the bottom. From the material alone, it is clear that wool rugs provide warmth, natural comfort, and luxury from thick and smooth fur.

2. Flocati Wool Fur Carpet
The flocati type is actually a traditional Greek handicraft. The flocati carpet resembles very thick and delicate shepherd dog hair. Its thickness can reach 6.5 cm. I was so thick when stepped on, my feet seemed to be covered in thick and very fine fur. Unfortunately, natural static electricity from wool fibers easily attracts dirt, dust, hair, and other small particles and makes the carpet easy to dirty, so it must be cleaned and brushed frequently to keep it thick and smooth. This dirt is also difficult to clean because it sticks tightly between soft hairs. The feathers also do not stick too hard on the surface of the carpet, so if it is cleaned by removing the dirt, the fiber will be removed.

Whatever type of carpet you choose, make sure you always clean the carpet regularly. many people suffer from various respiratory diseases simply because they do not pay attention to the cleanliness of their carpets. So, it would be better if you can clean the carpet to the maximum.

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Author: Richard T. Starkey

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