These Are The 4 Health Benefits Of Believing In One True Religion

The results of research from Duke University published in the PLoS ONE Journal (Public Library of Science ONE) found that religious activity and one’s involvement in a spiritual community positively affected the brain and body health This study explains that religious activities are closely related to brain condition and health. This research led by David Hayward involved 268 respondents. As a result, respondents who were involved in religious groups were healthier in old age than those who were not involved at all. Apart from that, before we continue, perhaps you also want to take a look at the miracle healing prayer service if you’re a Christian.

Here are 4 religious benefits for human health:

1. Have a happier life

According to a study conducted at American Sociological in 2010 said that someone who follows worship regularly will tend to have many friends. So they feel much happier and satisfied in their lives. Unlike people who are less active in religious matters.

2. More able to face obstacles

The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2009 published the results of a survey conducted on 345 patients that those suffering from chronic illnesses could extend their lives if they had the desire to attend worship because positive learning taught by religion motivates and dares to face obstacles in life.

3. Extends life

Believe it or not, the religious activities that a person does turn out to make him grow longer. Someone is known to be 7 years longer than those who rarely worship. A study conducted in 1999 stated that someone who missed worship activities was more prone to death up to 1.87 times higher than those who were diligent in religious activities.

4. Lower blood pressure

A study conducted at Duke University Medical Center in 1998 found that parents who were more active in worship would have a lower blood pressure of 40 percent than those who vacuumed altogether.

No doubt, religion with health is indeed very related. Because religion that is constructive and inculcates kindness and encouragement will make one’s heart and mind apart from stress, depression, pressure and also life’s struggles.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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