These are the parts of golf course you must know

Golf is one of the kind of sport that is played by many people. Many people practicing a lot to make their skill of golf increase the time by time. In this case, you make sure that you choose the golf course that has good quality. One of the golf course you can choose if Bali Golf Courses. There are so many beautiful sceneries that you can get. So make sure you choose that place.

In the golf course, there are so many parts of course that you should know. One of the parts is

1. Hazards
Usually, in every hole, there are the hazards or the obstacles. Every obstacle has two kinds. Once in the bunker. Bunker is a sandy basin and water obstacles like a river. You have to be careful with this one. If your ball comes to the water, then you can get a penalty where you can retake that hit. Then, be careful of this obstacle.

2. Putting green
Putting green is the area that has so many grasses. It is the last hole in golf. Hole in this area should have the right size. In this hole, there are 108 mm of diameter and 100 mm of the depth. Usually, the golf player will use the special stick when they play in this area.

These are two parts of the golf course you have to know. Why? Because when you have to play golf with your colleagues and your friends then you cannot confuse. You will go easily there and make sure you have a good technique then you can show it to your friends. When you play golf with your friends then you can get some benefits. The benefits that you can get is the health and your relationship will run very well.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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