These Are Tips To Keep Your Fur Carpet Durable

Fur carpet is one type of carpet that is loved by everyone. Fur rugs with smooth and soft surfaces are certainly more beautiful than ordinary types of carpets, carpets are not only placed in the living room but can also be placed in the bedroom. These feather rugs are often problematic because feather fibers from these rugs are easily released, aka their feathers fall out easily so that they pollute the floor. Another problem that arises is the feathers on this type of carpet tend to easily store dust. Apart from that, you might want to call the best carpet cleaning north shore when your fur carpet becomes very smelly and dirty excellent carpet cleaning.

Here are tips to make your fur carpet durable:

Avoid direct sunlight

You can dry the fur carpet in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight because sunlight can damage the texture of the fur on the carpet. Always comb the fur carpet after drying, so that the fur does not clot and can dry completely.

Protect the carpet from wetness

If the carpet is exposed to water or drinks, immediately clean it with a rag. When you want to mop the floor the carpet must be rolled first and put back after the floor is completely dry. If the carpet is not used roll the carpet, Prepare camphor in the plastic that has been perforated, then put the camphor package into a roll of carpet, then stored in a dry place.

Wash Carpets With Special Products

Simply clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week. usually, a lot of dirt sticks in the area often passed by people, If it looks quite dirty you should wash the carpet, Before washing you can hang your carpet on the clothesline, Use shampoo to wash the carpet, just use a brush or special comb to release the dirt.

Use Slippers When Stepping on Carpets

Do not step on the carpet if your feet are dirty, because the sweat on the feet can stick to cause dust and dirt easily stick. It is a good idea to use socks or slippers when walking.

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Author: Richard T. Starkey

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