Things To Look For When Choosing Fonts For Your Website

Are you planning to design your website? Visit us if you need help on referencement de site web. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing fonts for the web:

– Classification of letters. Recognize the classification of letters and their respective characters. There are at least 4 basic classifications of letters: serif, sans serif, script, and decorative.

– Decorative, just like the script, decorative letters also have a lot of variations from the start of a true alphabet, symbol, up to certain icons. Decorative letters are not very suitable for web fonts for both title and body text. But, you can use this type of letter for writing on the image as long as it’s only for one or two words, not for long sentences.

– Character. The letters have their own psychology, select the type of font that matches the character of your website or product.

– Legibility. Is the level of ease of the eye to recognize a character/letter without having to bother. There are several types of letters that are difficult to read so that the message you want to convey is difficult to be processed by the reader, for example, script or decorative fonts. Consider the example of the letter below, both using the same typeface, but having different legibility. The first word uses a tittle case or a combination of upper and lower case, while the second uses all caps or capital.

– Readability. Readability is related to the shape of the letters and their relation to other letters. Fonts that have varying degrees are easier to read than letters that have the same height. Readability also relates to the distance between the letters and the distance between lines.

– Color. Whatever your favorite color, whether it is red, purple, blue, or pink, you can not just apply it to web fonts. The best color for body text is black or dark gray gradation. Other colors in body text are only used for links or subheads. Title? You may use colored fonts for sidebar titles or titles, but make sure the colors you use are consistent.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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