This Is a Breathing Technique in Yoga That Can Reduce Stress

Yoga is one of the sports activities that really can relieve the various aches and pains that you feel in some parts of the body. In fact, there are now many people who choose yoga so that they can make their bodies healthier and fresher. One other benefit of yoga is to make your breathing better, even very good for those who experience symptoms of shortness of breath and stress. Visit to find out more about this.

There are many techniques in yoga that can make your breathing better and you can also be free from feeling short of breath and the stress that you usually feel.
One technique of breathing in yoga is to breathe deeply. Deep breathing techniques, namely by taking a deep breath from the nose and exhaled also through the nose. This technique is like someone snoring.

Another breathing technique is to put two fingers (the index and middle fingers on the forehead, just parallel to the eyebrows), position the thumb and ring fingers on the side of the nose. Now breathe with one nose, covering the nose next to it. Then exhale in the closed part of the nose by opening the finger and closing the nose next to it.

After exhaling, take a deep breath and remove it on the nose next to it. Do it slowly and repeatedly until you feel more relaxed. This technique can be done anywhere.
After that, you can do anti-stress yoga movements. One of the movements to neutralize feelings of stress, sadness, panic or anger is with cobra poses. Which begins with lying face down. Position your hands on the side of your chest, then pull your head up while breathing regularly. The tension that occurs around your back and neck will decrease, so does the stress level that goes down.

By doing these various movements, you will feel the benefits for your body and also your breathing.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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