Tips for becoming a “cool” smoker

Wise smokers certainly will not smoke in front of the children. Among family members, I dare at least dare to smoke in front of my sister. After the mother knows if smoking, I often offered the mother to buy cigarettes if going to market. To my father, I often ask for cigarettes when the crisis. I just do not want my smoking habit to be known to my sister. I have no idea. Besides of course because of health affairs, small children most easily imitate family members in doing something. And only a brash brother who wishes his brother who has not even 10 years become a smoker. Meanwhile, if you’d like to try to smoke with a water filter, then check out these water pipes under $100.

Be sensitive smokers

Remember, according to tested research (not vent!), Lack of sensitivity or lack of sensitivity becomes the biggest reason someone is decided by their partner.

Which of us likes to be hated by others? Especially in front of people we do not know, smokers should be more sensitive and pay attention around if they want to smoke. Being a sensitive smoker is one who selectively chooses a place to light his cigarette. Not everyone likes the exposure of our cigarette smoke. As long as keeping the ethics of being a smoker, do not be pessimistic to be a smoker.

Keep your bad breath with a breath freshener

Do not talk about ex-girlfriends or ex-lined up, we are ignorant of appearance. People already know you are a former playboy, but respecting others certainly will not hurt. It is good for the continuity of a harmonious social life. The Prophet advocated it. Smoking sometimes keeps the mouth dry, so the best option is to prepare candies, especially mints to keep bad breath steady.

Finally, Maintain health with diligent drinking water and exercise regularly

If we agree that cigarettes cause a number of deadly diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, pregnancy disorders, to kill, it’s good we also believe that the unbalanced lifestyle much more dangerous than cigarette smoke. So there’s nothing wrong we are also diligent exercise and drinking water. No need to exercise expensive, quite diligent, such as playing basketball or running every week.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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