Tips For Moving Heavy Objects On Wooden Floors

As an expert in installing vinyl floors, I often get calls for repairs to homes that use wood floors. The damage is often caused by scratching when moving home furniture. If you want to move heavy items or furniture on your wooden floor, here are some tips on how to move without scratching your wood floor. In the meantime, call the Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches if you want to clean the tiles of your house by hiring the experts.

The first thing is you can prevent moving furniture by dragging it. If furniture can be lifted to move it will be safer for your wood floor. However, sometimes you also don’t have a partner or friend to help lift it, if you can’t lift it you have to be careful when dragging it and don’t forget to use the base or cushion between the furniture and the floor. Furthermore, if the base of the objects is quite sharp, perhaps you want to give it either some lubricants or cushions, although you can simply hiring the strong professionals who can lift and move the objects for you quickly and safely.

Do not move goods or furniture in a hurry, if the furniture hits the end of the wooden floor, the damage will easily occur. So keep an eye on each floor when you move it.

One of the most common mistakes is to move furniture without cleaning the wooden floor first because small gravel of dirt can also scratch your wooden floor if it is affected when you move your furniture.

The last is to reduce the weight of the furniture. If the furniture you want to move has a heavy load you should be able to make it lighter before moving it. For example, remove the drawer from the dressing table first, take the contents of the refrigerator, or open the items on the shelf. If you have a piece with the mirror installed, take the time to remove some screws and adjust the mirror to the side to avoid potential damage. Not only does it make it lighter to remove items or contents in the furniture it also prevents it from falling and damaged.

The following tips will slightly reduce the occurrence of friction on the wooden floor with furniture that you will move, which can make your wood floor scratched and damaged. It will also minimize your costs of repairing if your wood floor is scratched when you move furniture because the price of wooden floors is not too affordable.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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