Tips for taking care your garden

The beautiful scenery of flowers, fruits, or even vegetables in the yard of the house? Although there is only a small corner in the house that can be planted, the plant can still actually still the eye, refresh the mind, and relax. Unfortunately, having such beautiful scenery is only done with an effort. Not every plant can keep growing beautiful if not given special care. For those who don’t have the time to take care of their own gardens, they prefer to hire the Reparaciones Locativas service instead.

So, what are some things that can be done so that plants grow beautifully in the yard of the house? Here are some tips for treating plants:

Know how to water

Each pot must have a sphere as a place of discharge of water. Flush until the water overflows and out of the hole. Stop immediately when the water is out because if the excess water, the plant will rot.


Not all plants can live in a dark place. Some need bright lighting to be able to do photosynthesis. Therefore, the level of sunlight exposure is important to them.

Change the ground

Sometimes the plant does not grow to its fullest despite the water and lighting is right. The solution is to replace the growing media. It does not have to replace it with charcoal or crystal, but replacing it with new soil can renew plant nutrients.

Check for pests and insects

Plants and flowers can attract the attention of pests, as well as insects. However, it is not a good thing if they do not help pollination but instead damage the plants. Immediately give them the pest and insect repellent.

Replace the pot

Replace the pot according to the size and age of the plant. It can help them grow healthy.

Cut twigs

Cutting a small twig or an annoying dry flower will not make the plant die. In fact, it can help to make plants look better.

Natural fertilizer

Add dirt and compost to the soil for the nutrients needed during the growth period can be obtained optimally. Try consulting with the person who gives the seeds of the plant about a good composition.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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