Tips For Working Safely And Healthily In A Lab

For your final level exact students who are for thesis, Laboratory or Lab is certainly a second home. Or are you a product research and development team placed in the lab? Day and night you will be faced with chemicals that are most dangerous and are toxic to the body. You don’t want the negative effects of these chemicals? Meanwhile, if you’re also working in a microbiology lab and need the best medios de cultivo, then perhaps you need to check out the trusted and recommended online suppliers in the business.

Check out our 3 tips, so that you stay healthy and be safe while in a chemical laboratory.

1. There should be no eating and drinking activities in the laboratory

The second house is the second home, but eating and drinking in a lab full of dangerous and toxic chemicals are intolerable. Eating and drinking can be a source of distraction when you should focus on chemical reactions. The most common are food and beverages contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Don’t want it if your Donat Potato and Melon Juice get contaminated with Sulfuric Acid and deliver you to the ER?

2. Don’t Work in the Lab Alone

Lab, let alone the campus lab is haunted, eh not that, it means the lab is full of accident risks. With the presence of a colleague who accompanies there will be more than a pair of eyes and the hand will minimize the chance of an error. In addition, working in teams allows a quick response in the event of an accident.

3. Use Warning Signs

Everything in the lab and having a negative risk must be labeled prominently and easily visible. Labels must use bright colors, bold letters and be placed in easily visible parts. Emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and electric breakers must also be labeled, to make it easier when an accident occurs in the lab.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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