Tips on Choosing a Lawn Mower

Having a yard covered with green and clean grass is a dream for some people. The yard with green and clean grass is beautiful to look at and can provide a peaceful feel, the mind will feel carefree. However, we often think that caring for grass is very troublesome when it wants to have a yard with green grass and clean. You can use a lawn mower service, or do it yourself. You can also visit our website and find the best commercial lawn mower.

If your home page is not so large, you can use a lawn mower, whereas if your home page is large enough you can use a lawnmower. If you do not have the machine and plan to buy it, read more of this article that will give tips on choosing a lawn mower.

– Type of lawn mower

There are 2 types of lawn mower that are:

Lawnmower thrust

This type of machine is only used for pages that have flat ground surface. In the push rod on this type of machine can be folded so easy when stored. This type of machine can cut the grass to the edge in accordance with the wheels. This type of machine also has a grass reservoir that is not difficult when installing and when releasing it.

Lawnmower carrying

Carrying lawn mower used to cut the grass on the field or yard that the ground surface is not flat or wavy. This type of machine shape is almost the same as a pest sprayer that is often used by farmers to spray and eradicate pests. This type of machine has a long iron handle. How to turn it on just by pulling the lever located near the machine.

– Type of knife

There are 3 types of knives on the type of lawn mower that is:

Knife Cross
Used for cutting large grasses such as reeds, elephant grass, and so on.

Rounded teeth 8
Round toothed knife 8 is used for cutting shrubs.

Round toothed blade 80
Round toothed blade 80 is used to cut a very large plant.

Meanwhile, the type of thrust cutters has only one blade model.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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