Tips on Choosing a Shaver for Men

Shaving a mustache or beard is probably the thing that you routinely do as a man. But sometimes we are frustrated in choosing a shaver, which is good, long-lasting, and good for skin health. All brands of shavers on the market have different qualities and sharpness, so you need to choose carefully what shaver suits you best. But for shaving cream, you just need to visit ageless men.

When you choose a shaver that may be suitable for you, you will be presented with two choices of shavers, electrically and manually. Electric shavers there are several types, ranging from the use of cables, to the use of batteries and need to be charged but without cable. As for the manual, it is usually made of plastic and consists of several knives, which can give you a clean-shaven, because sometimes there are also parts that look like a lubricant on the top of the knife.

There are some tips that you can use as a consideration before buying a shaver that suits you. Here’s a little explanation.

– Electric shaver. This tool is not complicated and easy to use. But many types do not cut as well and as close as a manual shaver. If you want to utilize an electric shaver, choose one that has a flexible head that can protect and help soften your skin. But be careful, because electric shavers still can make your skin irritation. Choose the right one for you, do not buy!

– Manual shaver. If you choose a traditional shaver, you will need some kind of cream or barber to coat your face before shaving. These gels and creams lubricate your skin and help decrease your skin’s risk of blisters or injuries. There are plenty of jelly and creams to choose from. Some contain vitamins and moisturizers to help your face not dry.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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