Tips to Buy a Violin that a Beginner Needed to Know

Compared with the instruments that are very much played, playing the violin is a challenge in itself. For beginners, there is no harm in buying your own violin if you really want to learn seriously. You can see professional violin playing by watching you are the reason cover on our Youtube channel. Of course, there are some things to consider before buying the violin yourself. Here are some tips to buy a violin that can be used as a ‘weapon’ when you want to buy a violin.

1. Try before purchase

Never buy a violin before trying. Try more than one violin until you get the right type of violin. Bring some bow to try the violins. Usually, the bow and the violin can be purchased separately, so we can prepare the bow ourselves. Play the violin with a different bow to get the most suitable combination.

2. Bring a violinist

Bring a friend who is a violinist, especially when you first want to buy a violin. If no, bring a friend considered to have good hearing in music. This will reduce the risk of buying expensive violins but the quality is not worth it. Friends who understand the violin will help us determine which violin is most suitable. Nevertheless, the violin remains like any other instrument. There is the influence of personal joy in it. A violinist can give you a picture of the violin to buy, but the violin issue to buy, it depends on the personal decision.

3. Listen to the violin from near and from afar

As with other instruments, there is a difference when playing an instrument (listening closely) by listening to it from afar. This is another reason to bring a friend. If a friend can play the violin, try listening from a great distance. We will be able to listen to how the violin sounds from the viewer’s point of view, not just from the player.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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