Two Ways to Find Chat Topics!

Compared to chatting in live meetings, many people find it more straightforward and easy chatting in online messengers like MocoSpace. One reason is that there is no pressure to keep up appearances while thinking what to say, and can compose the best sentence to convey a message. But strangely still many people are confused about what to chat about.

Questions like that are so boring, so risky will thwart the approach effort. Are you the only one who approached her with that question? So her mood will be gone, lost feeling, and answer short-only. Because she has answered the same boring question many times! You may not be a boring person, but you become automatically bored when you send the same boring message! But if you are often confused when choosing a chat topic, use two stances to create the following topic!

1. Status and Profile Picture
Status and profile picture that its function exactly the same as fashion accessories, attract and add attention. So when you are chatting, there is no fresh chat topic than the status and profile picture. When someone updates these things, he is provoking comments on what he provides. So give her what he wants. Unique comments about the contents of his status, comments about his picture. Its okay to praise, but do not forget to balance with mocking for the atmosphere to be relaxed.

2. Self
If you have asked and commented on her, you should be able to bring up a topic about yourself. When approaching, it’s unlawful if you just take care of the topic of conversation about her, her and her! You need to make it curious to get to know you a bit further, because the more he tries, the more easily your feelings will arise.

In addition to status updates also profile your picture with a photo of your activities are interesting. When browsing the internet, do not forget to keep the funny pictures that you find for some time being used as a profile picture. If you’ve been actively commenting on her, but she’s never done the same, it’s already a big sign that she’s not interested in chatting with you. You should start reducing the approach and focus on the other crush.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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