Types of Freon for Air Conditioner

Freon of an air conditioner serves to help regulate the temperature of the room has a different type. Different types of freon on the AC is very influential for the comfort when using the air conditioner. Then, what kind of freon AC are you currently using? Is it already suitable or not? If you are unsure of the suitability of the type of freon you are using for your air conditioner, you can consult with an experienced and trusted AC technician like the one from Act Right Electrical.

Here are some of the types of freon:

1. Freon R22

This type of freon has a heating potential for ozone destruction of 0.05 when compared to other types of freons which are only worth 0. However, this type of freon is not flammable.

However, in Indonesia, government regulations through the Ministry of Industry and Trade number (41 / M-IND / PER / 5/2014), (40 / M-DAG / PER / 7/2014) and (55 / M-DAG / PER / 9/2014) states that since 2015, this freon with R22 type is removed and not allowed to be used again. Therefore, all AC plants in Indonesia are prohibited from producing, importing or even selling AC products that still use this type of R22 Freon.

2. Freon R410A

This type of freon air conditioner is commonly used in AC inverter type. In contrast to the R22 type of freon, this type of freon does not have the potential for ozone destruction. As for the potential of global warming, this type of freon has a high enough value compared with the type R22. Same with R22 type, this type of freon R410A is also not flammable.

3. Freon R32

This type of freon was discovered by Daikin Japan in 2012 and began to be used in the AC lineup starting 2013. This type of freon is more environmentally friendly compared to the R410A type of freon and has a much lower global warming potential compared to R22 types and R410A. Despite its flammable potential, this type of freon is still safe to use for household air conditioning.

4. Freon R290

This type of freon has the lowest global warming potential compared to other types of freons. But because the cold index numbers are low enough and the rate of burning is high enough, many AC companies decide not to use this type of freon air conditioner.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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