Types Of Coffee Tampers That Barristas Use

TAMPER is one of the most important equipment for a barista to make coffee. Without tamper making espresso on a manual espresso machine is not possible, even using a barista tamper must have the ability to suppress tamper as desired so that it can produce consistent espresso. A glimpse of how it works to make espresso using an espresso machine, indeed focuses on the “shot” of steaming water that is fired into a coffee powder which is compacted with the help of tamper. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the best buy coffee beans as well green coffee.

Here are some types of Tamper:

Normal Tamper

Generally, the form of tamper consists of a tamper base and a tamper handle to make it easier for the barista when tamper. Tamper itself consists of 2 different bases according to the needs of the barista for tamping their coffee powder, a flat base, and a convex bottom. Tamper which is commonly used by baristas has a wooden handle design or even directly blends directly on the base of the tamper. However, to use a normal tamper, it must require special expertise and experience of course. Because, if at the beginning of the distribution of coffee powder on the basketball filter is not good, the tamping is not dense evenly so that the extraction is not about the whole coffee powder.

Arranged Tamper

If a normal tamper depends on barista’s expertise when doing tamping, an adjustable tamper makes the barista’s job easy. So that it does not need extraordinary expertise, just need to tamping settings at the beginning so then it can make consistent tamping consistently. It is very possible that the espresso dish produced using an adjustable tamper becomes consistent for the next espresso dish. With this type, baristas can regulate how deep we are on the coffee powder.

Automatic Tamper Engine

The tamping process using an automatic tamper machine will generally provide accurate and precise tamping so that the espresso steaks are very delicious and consistent. No matter how much does is used to make espresso, with an automatic tamper machine the pressure produced is very suitable and constant because the automatic tamper machine will do tamping evenly. Automatic tamper machines such as PUQPRESS M1 Under Grinder Tamper are highly sought after by business owners


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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