Unique and Interesting Facts About Land Over

Do you like SUVs? This type of car began to be a lot on the streets of London and has more and more interested people. Range Over and Land Over is one type of SUV that has a sturdy and powerful body. This type of car gives an expensive impression because the price is indeed quite expensive. The more features in the car, the more expensive the price will be. This is the attraction of this car, so many range rover rental london have sprung up to fulfill the people’s desire to drive luxury cars.

Each type of car has facts that are not widely known, including the type of Land Over. Apart from the fact that the price of this car is indeed expensive, here are some unique facts about Land Over cars that you might not know:

– The first Land Rover model has a steering wheel in the middle. The reason is that the founder of Land Over is a farmer, so if the steering wheel is in the middle like a tractor it will be more practical. At the same time avoid the hassle of building the right steering wheel and left steering wheel.

– Land Rover doesn’t like paying taxes. Even striving for buyers not to pay taxes. The Land Rover Defender 110 itself was originally made long to be able to load 12 people in it to be categorized as a bus.

– If the prototype model will usually be different from the next production model, then this does not apply to the Range Rover. The Range Rover production model and prototype have no difference at all.

– Land Rover challenges the off-roaders to traverse all terrain through the Camel Trophy. Crossing Siberia, the Amazon jungle, to the interior of Australia can be controlled by Land Rover. The Land Rover flagship model was originally in the 1950s called the Road Rover before being changed to the Range Rover. The name of the Range Rover was used in the 1970s.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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