Use the L Key on the Interior Door when Your Key is Missing

The next way to open a wooden door is to use the L key. Most interior doors in this modern era will use a special type of door handle so that the door will be able to open again if it is accidentally locked. If the interior door in our house has a handle with a small round hole in the middle, then this is the key type in question. Aside from that, perhaps you should visit the trusted locksmiths247 near your area whenever you think that you must open your locked door as soon as possible without any risk at all.

However, despite the fact that the trick that you’re going to try is convenient as long as you have the L key, you should refrain from doing it to someone else’s properties without their permission, so you won’t be accused of any criminal acts.

1. Look for and buy key sets L. L keys are available in small-sized hardware stores such as the letter L. The material is metal and is often sold in a package containing a set of L keys of different widths.

2. The way to unlock the missing cabinet using this L key is to match the long end in the hole in the door handle. We can try one or two different sizes in finding the right size, but generally, we will be able to find the right one. We must use the right size without having to thicken or scrape the key.

3. If we enter the L key in a straight direction then move it back and forth, then we will feel the tool touch something.

4. Turn the L key to open the door. If the key is right on the handle, then rotate a little so you can open the door. Do it slowly because we don’t need to use a lot of energy.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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