Useful tricks for training your dog

When the dog enters the room we think the dog should not come in. We can give the command “Exit” with a little loud tone. If the dog still insisted on entering do not treat the dog roughly, but hold the skin over the dog’s neck and drag slowly out of the room and when he/she will enter again give the warning “stop” apply many times “. Meanwhile, you can also use the safe and comfortable leather training lead when you’re taking your dog for a walk.

How to Teach Dogs to Take Goods?

The command – Take, actually can already be taught together with the grasp command when the dog is trained by playing. When the dog’s fun object is thrown, the dog can be given a command – Take, when the dog runs to retrieve the fun object.

Another way to teach the command – Take this, if the dog does not want to take is to take the dog near the goods/objects to be taken and the handler to take the goods/objects and put it on the dog’s mouth with a cue – Hold. In this case, the command – Hold, must already be taught and mastered by dogs.

How to train your dog so as not to jump in your direction?

The first method is to retreat while giving the command “Back Down!” And then command “Sit!” Another method is to grab both of his forefoots and move forward to him while repeating the command “Back off!” Praise him as he obeys.

Ways To teach your dog to sit?

attach the rope, and give the order while pressing the back of his body down and pull his head up gently using a rope. Then, immediately praise. Repeat these steps until your dog obeys them.

Ways To teach your dog to stay still?

Use the “Silence!” Command while standing in front of it and stretching your hand towards him with the palm facing down. If he moves, say “Stop” and return him to his original position. Repeat this command, and praise your dog if he stays sitting for a time. If he obeys the command, lengthen his sitting time and also the distance between you and your dog gradually.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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