Wall Art is Part of the Interior

The living room is usually more formal than the other room in the house. The nature of the space is public, which means more entry by outsiders. Wall Art that is suitable for the living room is a rigid geometric shape are balanced with the colors are calm. The frame of the living room wall art is usually selected which has the lines of stern and minimalist style. If your living room is in classic style, choose a wall art with a strong classic feel, especially on the frame. Do you know that wall art not only can be installed in the living room only? There are several other rooms in the house that you can put wall art. In this article, we will give some examples of the room that can be placed wall art.

– Family room

The family room is the center of all family activities. The atmosphere tends to be relaxed and active. The nature of the space is semi-public, in the sense that only a few outsiders are allowed to enter this area, ie those who are familiar with the occupants. Wall art is installed in the family room is usually a family photo complete with colors that are tailored to the interior color of the family room. Frame wall art in the family room is more flexible, you can choose from the classic style to a modern minimalist striped frame. All you need to consider is the suitability of the furniture and the color of the walls of space.

– The dining room

The dining room could have merged with the living room, so the activity in it is almost the same as the family room. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. The nature of the space is semi-public, with a more focused activity of eating. Installed wall art should be selected images that inspire the taste, such as pictures of fruits, vegetables, and others. Or you can also choose a picture of a green landscape that cools the eyes. For added intimacy and joy, choose bright and warm colors for both the frame and the wall art object.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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