Want to be an Administrative Assistant? Understand the Tasks Below

Administration is an important part of companies and government offices. Each division must require an administrative system to fulfill the requirements for the office to continue. Basically, office administration not only takes care of documents but also serves the problem of the needs or resources needed by employees to work. Administrative staff work is very complex so it requires a lot of people to be divided into several divisions. This work also requires precision in order to avoid fatal mistakes, so that qualifications are often found that is not easy as administrative staff. Some companies choose to recruit quality administrative staff using administrative staff recruitment services. One of them is auxiliar administrativo, Mr.Clean which has experienced providing quality administrative staff.

The main task of Office Administration is to do data recording, manage documents and of course, store them in a structured manner. Office admins also need to build good relations with each employee. Because again the field he is working on will relate to employees and company management.

There are several tasks that need to be done by the Office Administration, namely:

– Receive Phone Calls
An office admin is usually the one most in charge of telephone communication, receiving and making calls by telephone from outside parties. Here you need to have good communication skills. For small and medium-sized offices, it is usually necessary to answer the telephone. Here the office administration task is also a liaison. Sometimes it must be related to relations from other offices for business cooperation matters and so on.

– Make Office Agenda
From telephone communication, sometimes there are relations who want to meet with the leadership of another company or division. Well, the task of Office Administration must also prepare an agenda for such activities. But to schedule a meeting schedule, there needs to be communication with other parts so that the schedule can be arranged appropriately and not collide.

– Company Data Entry
Transaction data from clients, consumer information data and others must be recapitulated. Office administration must have deep accuracy. Data such as addresses, telephone numbers, and others must be recapitulated in a way that is easy to find.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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