Watching movies with your child

Bringing a child for the first time in a movie theater is not easy. However, of course, as a father and mother, we want to immediately share this viewing experience with the children, especially it has long been father and mother did not watch the big screen with the sound echoed in the cinema for accompanying the child at home. In the meantime, perhaps you need to check out lonelyseal online film festival to enjoy a high-quality movie event.

Just like adults, it takes some preparation before, when and when finished watching. However, while watching with a child the preparation will be a bit more complex. Here are tips that can be applied to make your child’s first experience at the cinema fun.

Tell us what’s going to happen in the cinema

Many children cry or feel uncomfortable in the room. This is very reasonable because many new things are perceived by the child, including a very dark room, the sound is too tight or even the room temperature is too cold. For it is very important to tell the child what he will meet before entering the cinema room. In addition, it notifies the rules that must be adhered to while in the cinema

Have children follow the rules in the cinema

In addition to telling you what’s going on in the cinema, make a deal with the kids to comply with all the rules in the cinema. This will make it easier for us to recall the agreement if the children commit acts that violate the order of the cinema.

Bring a snack that kids love

 The fun thing to watch is while enjoying a snack. Snacks that children love will make them feel at home and can help him comfortable with the surrounding environment.

Accompany the child by answering the questions that arise when watching a movie

Various feelings and questions can arise in the child’s mind throughout the movie. Read movie reviews to get an overview and anticipate difficult questions to answer. Try to answer all the questions of the child without disturbing the other audiences and let the child enjoy an emotional change.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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