What are the Unique Facts of The Simpsons? Here are some of them

One of the Popular Series, the Simpsons Certainly Have Many Fans Who Like the Cartoon Series. In fact, some of these fans make caricatures of the Simpsons characters in their photos with the services of the Simpsons Creator.
the Simpsons First Appeared on April 19, 1987, as part of the Tracey Ullman event.

In 1992, Tracey Ulman filled out the lawsuit against Fox (TV station that released the Simpson), claiming that the success of the Simpsons was due to the talk show and he asked for each episode of the Simpsons and the court refused the suit.

– Heavy Struggle at the Beginning of the Launch of the Serial Prime
the Simpsons Made by Matt Groening, with the aim of offering an alternative spectacle at that time.
Because Many Residents USA Watch What Is Called Mainstream Trash.

– Shining Ideas in Television Industry
Needed 2 Days To Compose The Simpsons Theme Song And Created Ole Danny Elfman And Also Acted As A Shifter In 1989. Six Months Is The Time Required To Produce Each Episode the Simpsons
The Penuis Team Usually Consists of 16 Authors Who Submitted the Episode Ideas at the beginning of December. Matt Groening Uses Character Names in the Name of His Own Family. And Bart’s Name Is Matt Groening Alone But Does Not Use Its Original Name And Is An Anagram Of Brat (Naughty Children)
the Simpsons Have 6 Main Cast Sound Members to Do Almost All Characters in TSB’s Cartoon. In 1998, Fox TV threatened to replace them with new actors, but this problem was soon resolved
With a fee of $ US300,000 per episode

– More than 600 Simpsons Guest Holds World Records for Most Guest Stars Featured in Television Series including rolling stones, paul mccartney, andre agassi, christiano ronaldo etc.
dubbed into many languages ?including japanese, german, spanish, portuguese, frenc, quebec, frenc and arabic.
in arabic, homer soda beverages are not beer and eating egyptian bread is not a hot dog because it is islamic.

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