Why We Get Life Problems?

You may have wondered, “What is the problem of life that every believer must experience?”

If you are a true Christian, what our Lord experience will also be experienced by you.
The difference may lie in the problem at hand but basically is talking about something that is still happening now https://miraclehealingprayers.com/.

Most even all the temptations we experience are even lighter than what God suffered before, where they did not shed blood.

We might need a prayer request if the problem we face is a complicated problem.
Know that as a believer, like it or not, it must always be in the line of life that God used to go through.

Actually, not only are we Christians who experience it, but all humanity on earth also experiences it.

But the ways that we apply must be different from the ways that are applied by worldly people.

It’s good if the solution to every life struggle is lived never to go far and never oppose the true truth, namely, love to God and to others.

Where does the struggle of life come from? Basically, all life struggles come from the devil. While the kingdom of the devil itself is on this earth.

But, as a person who believes in Christ, don’t be afraid of that fact. For this reason, God came to the world, conquered and bound every demon in power on the face of the earth so that his influence on this earth.

There is but not as large as before. So there is no more concern among us about the great power of Satan to dispel the positive activities carried out.

Today, humans tend to be tested by their own desires because all the sins and crimes that occur around us are caused by perverse and excessive desires.

Our flesh belongs to the devil, but the Spirit that flows in each one is God’s.
Between spirit and flesh, these two things are constantly competing to control human life.
Where it all depends on the choice that is seriously pursued by everyone.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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