You Can Apply These Simple Steps To Maintain Marine Ecosystems

As a source of food and income in the tourism sector, it is fitting that we participate in marine conservation. As a result of irresponsible human activities, marine life is threatened. Coral reefs began to break down, marine animals also began to be scarce. This is also due to a lack of human knowledge about life at sea. Therefore, many activities are held to introduce the sea to humans, one of them is by a swim with whale sharks.

This activity does not interfere with whale sharks or other marine ecosystems. This activity is supervised by professionals so that both marine and human animals are equally safe. To help preserve the sea, in this article we will provide simple tips:

– Prevent erosion
Erosion is an erosion process in the upper soil layer. In a certain amount of erosion, it is natural, but human activities exacerbate this situation. Erosion can reduce the absorption of soil against rainwater. As a result, the topsoil is carried away and sedimentation finally occurs. Sedimentation can end up in the sea and inhibit the growth of coral reefs. Sedimentation inhibits coral growth by closing the pores of the body and making zooxanthellae lack light due to cloudy water. Due to continuous lack of light can stop the life cycle of the reef. Corals are very sensitive to sediments.

– Catch fish without damaging the reef
Some irresponsible fishermen usually use fish bombs to get fish easily. This method is very damaging to the coral reef ecosystem. Not only big fish, but coral reefs along with the marine biota inside also die. Therefore the use of fish bombs should be prohibited.

– Do not take coral and coral reefs
Coral is a major attraction for people who have a hobby of scuba diving. Some may be interested in taking it. But keep in mind that corals have several limiting factors that block their growth. One of them is temperature and salinity. When a coral is taken from its habitat and moved to an inappropriate place, the coral will die. Therefore it is necessary to provide in-depth socialization so that the coral reefs remain in accordance with their habitat.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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